Your guide for navigating the aging process, at home & beyond

Every person, and every family, is unique.

Anne Duggan brings over 25 years of experience to help you find the solution that is right for your situation.

Whether you plan to remain at home or seek alternatives in the Greater Victoria region, your needs and wishes form the foundation for Anne's advice and support.

Peace of mind is key to continuing life's great adventure. Anne will reduce the worry that so often accompanies aging.

I believe that most seniors prefer—and thrive in—familiar surroundings. To make that possible, I will assess your health and home to ground my advice and recommendations for a safe and secure home situation. If it becomes clear that a supportive environment is needed, I will help you determine the level of care required (independent living, assisted or care-based) and assist with decision-making, oversee the transition and follow-up, on request, to ensure that the new environment is the best choice available."

After many years leading organizations that deliver support to seniors, Anne has left administration behind. She is happy to work directly with seniors and families, offering a credentialed background and practical ability to translate extensive knowledge into clear, realistic scenarios for the peace, comfort and confidence that her clients and families need.

Click here to contact Anne by email or telephone and learn more about the many options available.