"simply the best"

What a pleasure to meet with you yesterday. Thank you for taking the time to meet and share some of your extraordinary wisdom with me.
If we could invent a cloning potion for you, society - the world would be a a better place. (T.D.)

Anne is simply the best Seniors Advocate in BC. Her credentials, experience and reputation are evidence of her expertise in all health and care for aging matters. While being extremely knowledgeable Anne is humble, kind and unselfish. She truly cares about guiding elders and their families in making choices regarding their physical and mental health challenges and overall well-being." Ron (Doc) Halliday

My two sisters and I continue to be in awe of the way that Anne Duggan keeps things going with such wisdom and efficiency.  We live almost a thousand kilometres from our aunt who has no other living relatives and has moderate dementia.  You can imagine the challenges that presents ... Anne has helped us through some very challenging circumstances.” (A., B. and V.) 

I have just reviewed the advice you wrote for my sister when she was considering moving our mum into her own home.  I want to thank you for the gentle and constructive advice, skillfully offered at that time, and subsequently, when we determined the place mum needed to be.  It was so very valuable to have an advocate ready to listen with a thorough and informed understanding of the opportunities presented.” (A.R.) 

I want you to have this later of recommendation from me, my wife and my brother and sister. We want to thank you for all you have done for our mother.  You have accomplished a great deal ... guiding us thorough unfamiliar territory, in a professional, timely, sincere, caring way.  It has been quite a journey over the last few months, but you made it all go as smooth as reasonably possible.  You were great helping us to understand what our mother was going through and how to take each step.  Your familiarity with the system, doctors and home care professionals was a huge help and I can’t imagine the time it would have taken us without you.” (S.)

“I was desperate to [get into another residence] after a year’s failed attempt to live in [another] facility.  Even though I am 86 and living on a supplement, I slipped through the cracks of the system.  The arthritis in my spine does not qualify me for VIHA assessment and this assessment is essential for placement in subsidized housing that includes meals.  When I heard that Anne…advocated for people like me, I asked for her help.  She was positive and supportive.  She asked lots of questions.  I was reassured and encouraged that she would find somewhere for me to live where I would be secure and well cared for — and on budget.  Within a few weeks, I had moved into a well-established complex that suits me very well.” (D.M.)

“I remember the first time we met ... my husband and I were drained, tired and confused about our elderly mom’s situation.  We met and had coffee as you patiently listened to our troubles.  For the first time, we received reassuring and sound advice.  Living in a different country [from] our mom added to the stress and the unknown.  You handled everything and worked endlessly to help us, provided immediate care for our mom and corresponded with me on updates.  And found the care home that we eventually moved her to.  You were an Angel sent to us.  I will never forget you and how blessed my husband and I were that you helped us through such a difficult time in our lives.” (R.P.W.)